The first ad was for the company GEICO. Those that own a motor vehicle are the ad’s intended audience. The consumer insights that are being used is that GEICO is not just for cars. The ad takes place in a campground setting with an RV in the background. The ad states that GEICO is not just for people who own cars. People who own cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs are also able to have GEICO insurance. The desired response from the ad is for consumers to take action and purchase GEICO insurance for their motor vehicle. The people in the ad state that they have saved a lot of money by switching to GEICO. The ad encourages consumers to “take a closer look” by switching to GEICO and learning about their savings. The ad used more of a comedy approach. The bumper stickers on the advertisement were talking about GEICO insurance and realized that one of them was not a “real” moose. This made the ad more interesting to watch as it was a different approach to learn about GEICO. I think that the campground was a great setting to show that GEICO is not just for consumers with cars.


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