Risky Advertisements

This ad is not as risky as the other advertisements that I found. The ad contains a man getting on top of a woman for Dolce and Gabbana. I think that older generations may take offense to this and think that it is a little graphic. I think that this ad is okay to put out there for television, magazines, etc. The ad does not contain any nudity besides a male with their shirt off. I think that this ad qualifies as the least risky. 
Sex Sells – 16 Hilarious WTF Ads with Sexual Innuendo
This advertisement is more risky than the first. This ad suggests sexually explicit content. I think that older generations will really dislike this ad. “It’ll blow your mind” suggests oral sex on this ad. The burger is going into the woman’s mouth on this ad. This is risky for an ad company to use on television or magazines as children could see this ad and learn about sexual acts. 
This advertisement is the most risky that I have found. The man in the ad is looking up the woman’s dress. This would be extremely inappropriate for television. Children should not see this ad. I think that older people would have a bad image of this ad as well. Older generations tend to be more conservative while our generation is more open to nudity and these types of risky ads.


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