Guardian Angel

Our main objective for Guardian Angel that we would like to accomplish is that we want to increase brand awareness and trust with victims of domestic abuse.  We want to ensure in victims of domestic abuse that Guardian Angel is a 100% safe place that allows them to get back on their feet and live a healthy lifestyle without fear of being hurt.  Our secondary objective is that we want to do the same thing with those who know someone affected by domestic violence.  While our focus will be primarily towards the victims, it is still important to consider those people around the victim. Many victims are scared to come forward themselves. It is crucial to educate people around them in order to help the victims obtain the help that they need. Our campaign would be addressed to an audience of mainly women. Our advertising campaign will be directed mainly to women ages 18-40 in the Will County Area (first objective). These women do not have to meet any requirements to utilize the Guardian Angel services. In addition to this, our campaign will be directed at any man and woman ages 18 and up (secondary objective). Our services are free to any man and women in the Will County area.


Marketing Trends

Industry Trends
The organization puts on events/fundraisers which bring in the majority of the proceeds. The upcoming event/fundraiser is the Angelica 2017: Dancing with Our Local Stars. All sponsorship money goes towards the cost of the event and extra money goes toward the organization. Tickets are selling around $125-$1,500. All ticket money will be going directly to the GACS services and programs as well. The fundraiser allows for the name of the organization and its services to get out into the community. The event can also help the employees/volunteers to build relationships with potential sponsors and “victims.”
Advertisement on the upcoming fundraiser:
GACS also uses the form of print media. Print media is done during certain seasons.During each winter and spring season, the organization will post a newsletter to keep the consumers up to date. The Winter 2014-2015 Newsletter consisted of upcoming events, a letter from the CEO, and an article about Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This advertising tactic is a good way to keep your consumers in the know and thinking about your product/services. The newsletter also gives information on how to donate which are: via telephone, online, or by mail. The GACS letter is a good form of communication between the organization and the consumers.


The advertisement that I found from a magazine was from Target. The advertisement contained a baby that stated “more than a cute outfit.” This ad pulled at consumer’s heart strings. They used an emotional role by putting a baby on their ad. The ad also included that when you shop at Target that 10% of the purchase price will benefit newborns in need. Target used an emotional way to market. People feel like shopping at Target will benefit newborns. The baby in the ad is also very delicate. The baby is sleeping and it makes you feel as if the baby is precious and cute. They used this picture as an emotional channel and also to make you feel as if your money spent is going to a good cause. People will want to spend their money on something that they feel is worth it. Target offers many different products so it is easy to appeal to everyone. There is really not a single group to market to. Everyone can shop at Target so appealing to a more emotional side of everyone seems to work. Another part of the ad included Target stating “expect more, pay less.” This is important because Target likes to pride themselves on quality and lower prices. They are competing with Walmart so they want to make it seem as if they have higher quality items. People will spend their money when they see low prices on high quality items. Consumers already believe that Target has high quality so they expect Target to continue having these high quality items at low prices. Target used a very emotional way to advertise themselves in this ad. I think that it was successful in that it really makes the consumer feel as if their money is going to a good cause. It makes you want to actually spend your money at Target. Target’s psychological screen stood out to me in this advertisement.


The first ad was for the company GEICO. Those that own a motor vehicle are the ad’s intended audience. The consumer insights that are being used is that GEICO is not just for cars. The ad takes place in a campground setting with an RV in the background. The ad states that GEICO is not just for people who own cars. People who own cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs are also able to have GEICO insurance. The desired response from the ad is for consumers to take action and purchase GEICO insurance for their motor vehicle. The people in the ad state that they have saved a lot of money by switching to GEICO. The ad encourages consumers to “take a closer look” by switching to GEICO and learning about their savings. The ad used more of a comedy approach. The bumper stickers on the advertisement were talking about GEICO insurance and realized that one of them was not a “real” moose. This made the ad more interesting to watch as it was a different approach to learn about GEICO. I think that the campground was a great setting to show that GEICO is not just for consumers with cars.


The ad I chose was for Nikon. The intended audience is for consumers who enjoy photography or are looking to clearly capture photos. This can range from a variety of ages and different necessities.Nikon has many different audiences. This can be for someone who is really interested in taking photos. This can also be for people who have a new interest in taking professional photos. Photography can be for all different ages. This specific ad seems to be for an older generation who knows how to use high quality cameras. The ad demonstrates that this product is of high quality. Nikon uses the photo to show that their product is reliable.This specific ad shows someone exploring with the camera detecting different faces that are hard to see in the background. This demonstrates that Nikon cameras are high quality and can pick up on the small details that a consumer wants to highlight in a photo. The desired response from this ad is for consumers to take action and purchase a Nikon camera. The ad uses a tone that is geared more towards travelers. This specific ad shows that when you travel you want to capture the moment and Nikon can capture that moment crisp and clear.

Creative Pyramid

The advertisement that I chose included all areas of the creative pyramid. Those areas included action, desire, conviction, comprehension, and awareness. The company that I chose for this advertisement is BMW. They had an ad that hit all elements.The BMW Ultimate Driving Machine included the creative pyramid. The first thing that stands out in the ad is the shiny red BMW that is on the road. That is the awareness of the brand that captures the attention of consumers. The advertisement states “The Ultimate Driving Experience” this creates conviction as people will believe that BMW is the ultimate experience compared to other brands. “Driving is believing” creates a desire for the product as people will want to experience the vehicle. The article also includes Braman BMW and that it is an authorized center making it a credible and trusted advertisement. The article also includes the element of action. There is a link on the advertisement to sign up to drive that takes you to the website. This draws people in to the website and gives them an opportunity to test drive their vehicle. This simple advertisement used all of the elements of the pyramid while drawing customers in and ending with an action.

Risky Advertisements

This ad is not as risky as the other advertisements that I found. The ad contains a man getting on top of a woman for Dolce and Gabbana. I think that older generations may take offense to this and think that it is a little graphic. I think that this ad is okay to put out there for television, magazines, etc. The ad does not contain any nudity besides a male with their shirt off. I think that this ad qualifies as the least risky. 
Sex Sells – 16 Hilarious WTF Ads with Sexual Innuendo
This advertisement is more risky than the first. This ad suggests sexually explicit content. I think that older generations will really dislike this ad. “It’ll blow your mind” suggests oral sex on this ad. The burger is going into the woman’s mouth on this ad. This is risky for an ad company to use on television or magazines as children could see this ad and learn about sexual acts.
This advertisement is the most risky that I have found. The man in the ad is looking up the woman’s dress. This would be extremely inappropriate for television. Children should not see this ad. I think that older people would have a bad image of this ad as well. Older generations tend to be more conservative while our generation is more open to nudity and these types of risky ads.

Live Video

According to Forbes, live video will become  more popular this year in 2017. I believe that this has become a big trend on social media and will continue to grow into 2017. Live video allows companies to give tutorials on their products and answer any questions that consumers may have. I think this is helpful in obtaining live feedback on products so that companies can adjust products to consumer needs before they launch. Another trend that was mentioned in the article was virtual reality. Virtual reality allows people to connect with each other via live stream. This will draw in consumers and make people want to use a product or service. An example would be a hair company that has launched a new curling iron. They can use live stream to demonstrate how to use the product. Live stream was introduced to pair with mobile devices. Mobile devices are carried everywhere with a consumer so a virtual reality pairing with a mobile device could work well for advertising. Mobile devices are the way of the future which means that advertising agencies need to take advantage of this. Advertisers will need to adapt to social media live channels to keep up with marketing trends.